Infographic: Which Countries Have the Happiest Workers?

A new infographic, released by Office Team, is highlighting which country has the happiest workers. The infographic data was compiled using research conducted by leading happiness and well-being experts Nic Marks and Saamah Abdallah of Happiness Works.  

Marks’ team evaluated the levels of employee happiness among more than 23,000 working professionals across Europe, North America, and Australia. The report shows the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands have the happiest employees among the countries included in the research, ranking 71.8, 71.2, and 69.9, respectively, on a happiness scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the happiest. The countries studied with the lowest levels of employee happiness are France (63.8), Belgium (65.2), and the UK (67.2).

The infographic, below, highlights more key findings from the research. To learn more, click here.