Infographic: How One Doll Racked Up 72 Jobs

Millennials have gotten a bad rap over the years—namely the “entitled” generation likes to job hop. As children, many Millennials looked to Barbie for career inspiration. Why? Well, she was a doctor, an astronaut, a chef … you name it, and Barbie probably held that role at some point in her “career.”
When you look at the most notorious doll’s career record, it should come as no surprise as to why younger generations continuously move around until they find the right fit role. As Barbie hits her 60th anniversary, Silver Swan Recruitment took a comprehensive look into all of the different roles Barbie has held during her vast “career.”
Throughout the last 60 years, Barbie has had over 70 jobs, and would have earned a total salary of over $45 million from her impressive career history. With over 70 jobs, Barbie’s résumé must take up many pages, but the infographic below provides an example of this, as well as a full career record. For more information, click here.