Infographic: Increased Media Coverage on Sexual Harassment May Not Help HR

The Next Concept Human Resource Association (NCHRA) and Waggl, a provider for employee feedback, has released new data from its follow-up “Voice of the Workplace” pulse on the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The “Voice the Workplace” pulse was sent to thousands of HR practitioners from organizations of all sizes, using Waggl’s crowdsourced listening platform from December 15, 2017 to January 22, 2018.  Of the 384 people who participated, only 32% agreed with the following statement: “The increased media attention around high-profile sexual harassment cases will make things easier for HR in the coming year.” In large for-profit corporations with more than 20,000 employees, only 18% of participants agreed.

By way of contrast, a full 90% of respondents agreed with this statement: “I believe that the best way to eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace is to ensure higher standards for leaders.”  The responses were almost unanimously positive across various demographics including age, gender, and organization type.

“Sexual harassment in the workplace has taken a center stage in recent months, with new high-profile cases coming to light on a daily basis,” say Kate Benediktsson, Head of Ignition, Waggl—in a press release.  “But despite existing laws, penalties and mandated trainings, the issue is still far from being resolved.  In order to eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace, we need to create a culture of respect with zero tolerance for harassment, ensure that leadership sets an example of ideal workplace behaviors, and offer actionable education across the board.”

The infographic, below, highlights more key findings from the “Voice of the Workplace” pulse. For more information, click here.