Infographic: What Skills Are Needed for the Future of Work?

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that in 2020, about 5 million jobs will be replaced by automated machines. Self-driving cars will gradually change the way we travel, and artificial intelligence (AI) will soon make decisions for us. We are on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an age that will require a new set of skills for the workforce of tomorrow.

According to global training consultants, Guthrie Jensen, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will focus on innovations that harness the potential of emerging technologies such as AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), self-driving vehicles, nanotechnology, renewable energy, quantum computing, and biotechnology to name a few.

Because of this explosion of new fields, new markets will emerge which will require a new set of skills for employment. Increasingly smart robots will take over some jobs, and jobs that didn’t exist before will be in-demand. A new age of work requires a new set of skills to thrive and be productive. Guthrie Jenson put together an infographic on the top 10 skills your employees will need to thrive in 2020. To learn more about the research used to compile this data, click here.