Millennials vs Generation Z: How Do They Achieve Success in the Workplace?

Millennial and Gen Z will soon be taking over the workplace. When this happens, recruitment firms must be ready to provide for the needs of their employees.

They should understand the newer generations and what they are like when working, as each generation has something different to offer your workplace and has a new set of skills or traits. You also need to learn to use this to help your business grow and not waste the creative and fresh ideas they can offer.

HR teams, recruitment firms, and hiring firms will find the infographic below useful, as you’ll see the difference between these two generations and how they achieve success in the workplace. The infographic will show you their work principles, what motivates them, their work preferences, how they welcome changing roles, and much more.

HR professionals can use this infographic to educate and learn more about these generations. You’ll know how to adapt to them and what to provide to satisfy their needs. For example, Millennials prefer career growth to motivate them, whereas Gen Z prefers job security and pay raises. Simple things like this are worth knowing because they will benefit your business in the long run.millennial