No Yawning, Please—Survey Gauges Boredom in the Office (Infographic)

A new survey indicates that office workers are bored at work an average of 10.5 hours per week, or about 68 days per year.  That eye-opening finding comes from OfficeTeam, who took a look at the level of workplace boredom and its implications.

One such implication that isn’t likely to evoke a ‘ho hum’:  2 out of 5 employees surveyed indicated that they would likely quit their job if they felt bored at work, according to the survey.

Even setting aside the flight risk of those who are bored, the survey indicates that productivity goes down when boredom strikes, as bored employees will engage in non-work related-activities such as browsing the internet, checking email and social media and chatting with coworkers, among other diversions.

For a look at other findings, including the reasons why employees say they get bored at work, see the below infographic.