Secrets to Building an Exceptional Workplace Revealed (Infographic)

National unemployment rates are the lowest they’ve been since 2007, meaning it’s more and more difficult for employers to gain and retain top talent. Bottom line: keeping employees happy and engaged is more important than ever. Food for thought:

  • Only half of Millennials plan to stay with their company beyond the next year.
  • Every time an organization loses an employee they pay up to $10,00 in turnover costs.
  • Perks at the office (free coffee, massages, etc.) are fine, but today it’s all about connections with your coworkers that creates an exceptional workplace.

An Austin, Texas, start-up company——has surveyed the top 100 most appreciated and recognized employees in its database of 100,000 users to get the scoop on what makes their workplaces so great. has taken all of that juicy data and turned it into a very informative infographic, below.

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