Infographic: Top 11 Hiring Trends for Q2 2019

We’re heading into the second quarter (Q2) of 2019, and more hiring trends are coming to light. Direct-hire, contract, and consulting firm, Brilliant™, released its Q2 2019 Hiring Forecast, which indicates that businesses are reporting an elevated number of open positions in accounting, finance, and IT heading into Q2 2019 with plans to increase hiring over the next 12 months, especially for accounting and finance.
“Our study brings important insight into the future of the accounting, finance and IT professions, and the overall health of the labor market, says Brilliant President, Kathy Spearing, in a press release.  “We remain optimistic that elevated numbers of open positions and plans to increase hiring of both permanent and contract professionals indicate continued growth for at least the near term.”
Based on the findings of its recent Hiring Forecast, Brilliant discovered 11 hiring trends to be aware of, which are outlined in the infographic below.