What Can HR Do to Combat Sexual Harassment in 2018? (Infographic)

A new survey has found that employees overwhelmingly believe that preventing sexual harassment will become a higher priority for company leadership in 2018. This was among the findings of the “Voice the Workplace” pulse released by Next Concept Human Resource Association (NCHRA), and Waggl.

“Judging by the tremendous response we had on this pulse, sexual harassment in the workplace is an issue of keen importance, not only for HR but for people of all job functions,” said Greg Morton, CEO, NCHRA, in a press release. “Responses point to the need for better education and a zero-tolerance culture. They also point to the need for leaders to own this issue and be held accountable. It’s clear that the high-profile cases we’ve seen in the news recently are just the tip of the iceberg — sexual harassment is an unseen risk at many organizations, and it’s been festering for quite some time. There needs to be a seismic shift in the way that this type of behavior is dealt with going forward.”

The below infographic reflects employees’ beliefs about whether their own organizations have room for improvement in minimizing sexual harassment in the workplace. It also provides the top 5 answers to the question posed in the pulse: “What is the single most important thing HR can do to eradicate sexual harassment, and why do you feel this would help?”

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