What Elements Are in the Perfect Résumé? (Infographic)

As a recruiter, you’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to reviewing candidate applications and résumés. Think back to one of the best résumés you’ve ever seen—it can even be your own! What elements made this résumé stand out? Why would you consider this résumé “the best”?

New research, released by ResumeLab, uncovers best practices for creating the perfect résumé, using insights and strategies from professional résumé writers themselves. In the infographic below, ResumeLab uncovers the dos and don’ts of what to include and how in-depth you should go. By learning what makes a résumé truly “perfect,” you’ll be able to spot great talent in an instant!

To learn more about ResumeLab’s research, or to view the full findings, click here.