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Infographic: Should You ‘Friend’ Your Coworkers on Social Media?

Do workers “like” the idea of office friendships crossing over into social media? According to a new survey—released by OfficeTeam—male employees and those ages 18 to 34 find it more acceptable to connect with colleagues on social media than their counterparts.


Infographic: What’s Driving Hiring Across the Country for 2018?

Recently, recruiters for staffing firm, Robert Half, weighed in on the factors that are driving job seekers’ decisions when it comes to finding work in the competitive hiring market. What are professionals looking for in a new role? How can organizations hire and keep the best talent? Learn more in this infographic from Robert Half.


Hiring Trends for Q4 2017 Remain Positive; Uptick in Manufacturing Jobs

U.S. employers expect the pace of hiring to remain positive in Q4, with one in five employers (21%) planning to add staff. Of the more than 11,500 U.S. employers surveyed, 71% expect to maintain their headcounts, just 6% expect workforce reductions and 2% are unsure. Employers across all sectors report favorable hiring intentions, with those […]


Infographic: What Skills Are Needed for the Future of Work?

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that in 2020, about 5 million jobs will be replaced by automated machines. Self-driving cars will gradually change the way we travel, and artificial intelligence (AI) will soon make decisions for us. We are on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an age that will require […]


Infographic: How Leading with Equality and Values Impacts Your Business

Increasingly, customers and employees expect companies—and their leaders—to stand for more than just the bottom line. More and more social advocacy, a commitment to equality, and giving back are defining successful brands. To learn more about these evolving expectations, Salesforce Research surveyed over 1,500 business professionals on workplace equality and values-driven leadership trends.


Infographic: 2017 Projected Pay Increase Budgets by Industry

Many companies want to know how their compensation practices align with others in their industry. The 2017 projected pay increase data has been released by Compdata—a compensation survey and consulting firm—and is outlined by industry below. View the image below and find out where your company stands in comparison. For more information on this data, […]