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No Kidding: Chuck E. Cheese Fined for Child Labor Breach

The San Jose Mercury ran an interesting piece recently about a wage and hour audit at the family pizza chain, Chuck E. Cheese. You might recall from ads that the company boasts that at Chuck E. Cheese, a “kid can be a kid.” What the Merc tells us is, the Chuckster not only likes to […]

When Bad Supervisors Happen To Good People

Supervisors are the most important factor in a work unit’s performance, says HR trainer Steve Oppermann. They are driving force that brings excellence—or the dragging force that guarantees mediocrity.

You’re hired? U.S.A., Inc., eyes Trump for CEO

by Kylie Crawford TenBrook Let’s say—hypothetically—you are conducting a search for your next CEO. One résumé in particular has caught your eye. The candidate’s qualifications include managing a real estate empire worth billions and owning a marginally successful enterprise whose business model is founded on judging women by their looks.  Wanting to know more, you […]

How July 1 HIPAA Changes Affect Your Wellness Program

It’s obvious the government loves workplace wellness programs. That’s why the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has exceptions that allow them. But those exceptions have just changed. Here’s how: When laws change, the traditional dates for making those changes are January 1 and July 1. Such was the case recently as the U.S. […]

Only compromise will pull us from cliff’s edge

by Dan Oswald Have you ever been in a meeting where two executives face off, each on the opposite side of a critical issue? You watch the debate like you would a tennis match, with each participant knocking the issue back to the other side. As they volley back and forth, the debate picks up […]

SHRM 2011: Overlap of ADA, FMLA a Top Concern

If attendance at a conference session is any indication, HR professionals remain concerned about how to navigate the intersection of the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Now that the Americans With Disabilities Amendments Act has altered the definition of “disability,” it is more common than ever for the  laws […]

Employment Law Tip: Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault

In California, an employer with 25 or more employees is prohibited from discharging or in any way discriminating or retaliating against an employee who is a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault because that person takes time off from work for any of these reasons: to seek medical attention for injuries caused by the […]