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Labor Dept. Urges High Court to Accept Narrow Definition of Sales Reps

By Khristine Scholtz The U.S. Labor Department, continuing its push for a narrow definition of outside salesmen, argued in a friend of the court brief that the outside-sales exemption is limited to employees who make their own sales. At issue is whether pharmaceutical sales representatives must be paid for working overtime hours, or are exempt […]

Bulletin Item: Overtime and FMLA Changes Coming

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced it will soon release new regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act to increase the salary level required for exemption from overtime, which was last updated in 1975. The new regulations will also clarify and simplify the existing complex rules regarding the types of job duties exempt workers […]

E-Alert Item: Workers’ Compensation: Rates May Be Headed Up Yet Again

In what could be another economic blow to California employers, the actuarial committee of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Ratings Bureau is recommending a midyear increase of 11 percent to the pure premium rate. This recommendation follows on the heels of 10.5 percent increase that took effect on January 1, 2003. Note that the pure premium […]

Privacy: California Supreme Court to Review Workplace Privacy Ruling

In the December 2006 issue of the California Employer Advisor, we reported on a new ruling in which a California appeals court ruled that placing a video surveillance camera in an employees’ office, without notice, could amount to an invasion of privacy. This was true even though no actual viewing or recording of the employees […]

News Notes: State Workplace Fatality Rate Continues To Fall

The number of California workers killed on the job in 2000 was the lowest since 1992, when the state first published such data. Preliminary figures from the California Department of Industrial Relations show there were 553 deaths in 2000, down from 644 a decade ago. Over 41% of the total deaths resulted from transportation accidents, […]

Legislation Special Report: Preventing Harassment by Clients and Customers

Because the new law opens all California employers up to liability for harassment of workers by nonemployees, it’s critical to take steps to prevent and address these situations. Here’s what you can do to avoid potential harassment complaints—and expensive liability—involving your customers, vendors, or other nonemployee business associates:

Wage and Hour: Important Meal Period Ruling from California Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court has handed down an important new decision, answering a wage and hour question that recently has plagued the state’s appeals courts: Is the required payment of “one additional hour of pay at the employee’s regular rate of compensation” for each day that an employer fails to provide mandatory meal or rest […]

Readers Talk Back: Healthcare Collapse Column Makes Boomers’ Blood Boil

By BLR Founder and CEO Bob Brady My February 1 e-pinion declared that while we’d all like to make universal health care an entitlement, it’s just not going to happen as aging Baby Boomers threaten to collapse the system. Serious compromise will be called for. Well, that column generated many interesting responses. Here’s a sampling: […]

Financially Stressed Employees–Neither Happy Nor Productive

Businesses aren’t the only ones stressed and anxious about these difficult economic times. Employees (and their families) are also feeling the effects—and many employees are facing very serious financial problems such as burdensome debt, lost income, bankruptcies, and foreclosures. Employees experiencing increased financial stress at home are likely to have a hard time keeping their […]