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News Notes: OFCCP’s Revised Affirmative Action Rules Take Effect

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has issued new affirmative action regulations for federal contractors, the first major overhaul of the program in 30 years. The new rules, which took effect Dec. 13, 2000, simplify some affirmative action plan requirements. But they also mandate that every other year all nonconstruction employers fill out an […]

Workers’ Compensation: Insurance Commissioner Recommends Further Rate Reductions

Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi has announced he will recommend a 16.4 percent decrease in the workers’ compensation pure premium rate for policies starting on or after July 1, 2006. This recommendation is the latest in a string of recommended rate reductions since July 2003, when workers’ comp reforms went into effect. The cumulative recommended reductions […]

News Flash: Workers’ Compensation Insurers Face Mounting Losses; Employers May Be Hit With Higher Premiums

Some California workers’ comp insurers have been placed on a financial watch list by the California Department of Insurance because rating agencies have raised questions about the insurers’ financial stability. According to the California Workers’ Compensation Institute, for each $1 in premiums taken in during 1999, workers’ comp insurers paid out about $1.51 for claims […]

6 Things You Don’t Want To Say In Court

Many times, the easiest way to train managers about HR issues is to ask them to imagine themselves on the witness stand. When they realize what they will have to admit to, they learn fast.

E-mailed Pink Slips Create ‘Walking Negative Ads’

Survey says … more companies are using e-mail to deliver bad news. That’s going to result in a lot of disgruntled ex-employees forever spewing negative opinions about your company. U.S. workers may want to think twice before opening that e-mail from the boss—it might be a termination notice, says a recent poll conducted for the […]

News Notes: EEOC Approves Proposal To Exempt Retiree Health Plans From Age Bias Rules

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has approved a rule that would allow employers to reduce or cut retiree health benefits once a retiree becomes eligible for Medicare or a comparable state-sponsored health benefit—without violating the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. According to the U.S. General Accounting Office, 10 million retired employees age 55 and over […]

Legislation and Reform Proposals Whistleblowing: New Laws Change Wage Statement Requirements, Clarify Whistleblower Poster Rule

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed new laws changing the information you must include on employee wage statements and clearing up how large the type must be on your whistleblower posters. Join us this fall in San Francisco for the California Employment Law Update conference, a 3-day event that will teach you everything you need to know […]

News Notes: No Overtime For Truckers, Court Says

A group of truckers sought back overtime pay from their employer, Overnite Transportation Co. The truck drivers argued that when the state Legislature passed A.B. 60 in 1999, reinstating daily overtime—following its repeal in 1997—it abolished a previous “motor carrier” exemption from overtime for workers whose hours of service are regulated by the Department of […]