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Supreme Court rejects random alcohol testing policy in dangerous workplace

By Kyla Stott-Jess, Katie Clayton, and Hannah Roskey Canada’s highest court has ruled that random drug and alcohol testing in the workplace violates privacy rights. In Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 30 v. Irving Pulp & Paper Ltd., the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) considered the validity of a random alcohol testing […]

Survey: 80% of Employers Have Maintained 401(k) Benefits

A survey of compensation and HR professionals indicates that 80% of employers have maintained their matching contributions to employee 401(k) plans throughout the recession. What’s more, of the organizations that suspended their match, half say they will consider reinstating it this year. Those are just two of the significant findings revealed by the survey, the […]

Workplace Introverts: Debunking the Myths

Introverts—they are the new extroverts, right? Quiet, reserved, always sensing and watching. Listening for the next nugget of innovation to grace the lips of a colleague. Or are they tormented by the thought of communication and interaction? Do their extroverted cohorts drive them batty? Or the question that matters, the question I pose is—does it really matter? […]

New Connecticut law makes wage infractions more dangerous

by John Herrington A new Connecticut law taking effect October 1 requires courts to award double damages plus court costs and attorneys’ fees for most employee wage claims. Under the new law—Public Act 15-86, the “Act Concerning an Employer’s Failure to Pay Wages”—a court must award, as a baseline default, double damages plus court costs […]

Phoenix bans sexual orientation discrimination

by Dinita L. James On February 26, the Phoenix City Council voted to amend its human relations ordinance to include lesbian, gay, and transgender persons as well as disabled individuals among the groups protected from employment discrimination. The 5-3 vote came after a nearly five-hour public hearing before an estimated 500 people in the city’s […]

Tech companies: Canada is open—here are some immigration considerations

by Gilda Villaran The Government of Canada prides itself on its positive attitude toward immigration and openly welcomes international talent. There are no restrictions preventing the issuance of work permits based on citizenship, and there is no reason to believe that Canada will change the way it views immigration in the immediate future. Not to […]

New mental disorders could lead to spike in ADA claims

by Lisa Berg What do forgetfulness, menstrual cramps, and social awkwardness have in common? They’re all symptoms of new mental health disorders recognized in the latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), which is published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).  The DSM-5 is widely used by healthcare professionals to […]