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NLRB wants Supreme Court review of recess appointments decision

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced on March 12 it will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review an appeals court decision that says the appointment of two Board members is invalid. In consultation with the Justice Department, the NLRB said it intends to file a petition by the April 25 deadline for Supreme […]

October Corporate Pension Funding Levels Slip but Stay Above Record Low

Funding gains by U.S. corporate pension plans in September were erased in October, according to data Mercer Investment Consulting Inc. released Nov. 5.  Mercer reports that the aggregate deficit in pension plans S&P 1500 companies sponsored increased by $26 billion during the latest month, to $619 billion. This deficit corresponds to an aggregate funded ratio […]

Could the Worst Happen at Your Workplace?

You’ve undoubtedly seen it in the news: Last week, Jing Hua Wu, a Santa Clara engineer, shot and killed three people at work—the company’s head of HR, the VP of operations, and the chief executive—after being let go.

Bulletin Item: Question Of Whether Employers Are Liable For Harassment When An Employee Quits Before Filing A Complaint Is Before The Supreme Court

By agreeing to review the case of Pennsylvania State Police v. Nancy Drew Suders, the Supreme Court will now determine whether employers will face the same liability in these situations as they do for supervisor harassment. We’ll keep an eye on the court and give you a thorough analysis of its decision when it becomes […]

E-Alert Item: Unemployment: President Signs Bill Extending Benefits

President Bush has just signed legislation to extend unemployment insurance benefits for laid-off workers. The measure will extend benefits by 13 weeks for the estimated 1.6 million workers whose normal state UI benefits are due to expire in May 2003. Plus, it will restore benefits to the approximately 750,000 workers whose unemployment benefits lapsed just […]

Americans With Disabilities Act: Supreme Court Says Disabilities Must Substantially Limit Activities Of Central Importance To Daily Life; Practical Impact In California

In the first of three cases the U.S. Supreme Court is considering this term that involve the Americans with Disabilities Act, the high court has issued a ruling that will make it harder for workers to prove they are entitled to reasonable accommodation under federal disabilities law. However, as we’ll explain, the new decision, which […]

Ways and Means Okays Bill to Repeal OTC Rules

Employers and plan administrators that find the over-the-counter drug rules put in place by the health care reform law to be onerous may have relief, if the Ways and Means Committee has its way. The committee on May 31 in a 24-9 vote ordered H.R. 5842, the Restoring Access to Medication Act, reported to the […]

Just How Much Should HR Professionals Be Paid?

HR salaries are rising, but how much does that mean in dollar terms at companies like yours in your area? Here’s a program to find out. Yesterday’s Advisor reported that HR salaries have risen sharply in recent years for those who have the skill sets companies are now looking for. Those skills go beyond the […]

Tap Into Generational IT Insight

M. Lee Smith Publishers’ President Dan Oswald comments on the generational divide that most companies are experiencing in relation to technology and offers five tips for how employers can harness the know-how and insight of their younger employees. I recently handed a newspaper column written by Financial Times columnist Luke Johnson to my 18-year old […]