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Deadline Looms for Plans to Conform with OTC Rules

If you have not updated your plan documents to conform with the new rules for reimbursing the cost of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), time is almost up. You only have till June 30! Under the PPACA, only OTC drugs that have been prescribed may be reimbursed through […]

Wal-Mart Allowed to Close Unionized Store: Supreme Court of Canada

By Marc Ouellet and Louise Béchamp On November 27, 2009, in two cases involving Wal-Mart (Plourde v. Wal-Mart Canada Corp. and Desbiens v. Wal-Mart Canada Corp.), the Supreme Court of Canada rendered its much-awaited decision on an employer’s right to close operations for alleged antiunion reasons. The Supreme Court decisions rule that Wal-Mart could close […]

Why Companies Aren’t Hiring

The headlines have been full of stories about unemployment, the so-called “jobless recovery,” and lately we’ve been hearing about a potential double-dip recession. So when a colleague suggested I tackle the subject of why businesses aren’t hiring, I figured I could throw in my two cents. First let’s talk about unemployment. As of July 2010, […]


How Restaurants Recruit

A new survey report details what independent restaurants owners and operators are doing to find and attract top candidates in today’s tight labor market. Although focused on restaurants, the report also offers valuable insight for other businesses.

What to Look for in Recruitment Software

The way we work today is a lot different from the way people worked just a decade ago. Freelancing is now a full-time job for many; 9-to-5 weekdays are being replaced by round-the-clock availability of independent consultants; and alternative work arrangements are becoming common throughout firms from global multinational corporations (MNCs) to local, bootstrapped start-ups.

No more human rights forum shopping?

By Lindsey Taylor A few weeks ago, we reported on the recent decision in Baker v. Navistar Canada Inc., which confirmed that unionized employees aren’t able to bring employment claims to court. Rather, these claims must be brought within the framework of the special legal relationship between the union and the employer, either by way […]

The Case for Diversity

This edition of The Oswald Letter is a guest post from Elizabeth Petersen, Project Director for Simplify Compliance. While few American businesses self-report on diversity data, workplace discrimination and inclusion are near-daily topics in the media.

IRS Standard Mileage Rates Drop a Half-cent

Employers whose employees use their own vehicles business can now adjust their reimbursement forms and procedures for 2014, since the IRS released the standard mileage rates for the year in Notice 2013-80 on Dec. 6. The IRS also adjusted the reimbursement rate for miles driven for medical purposes or a relocation, also by half a […]