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News Notes: Employer To Pay $5.5 Million To Settle Misclassification Charges

The U.S. Department of Justice and Time Warner Inc. have reached a $5.5 million settlement to resolve a lawsuit charging that since 1990 the publishing giant has misclassified employees as independent contractors or temporary workers, causing them to be denied benefits including health insurance, pensions and employee stock ownership. The company did not admit liability, […]

Health and Safety: OSHA Updates Avian Flu Guidance

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has unveiled new safety and health guidance for protecting workers from avian flu. The new document, which updates avian flu guidance by OSHA in 2004, alerts employees and employers about the hazards of occupational exposure to avian influenza from infected birds and provides practical recommendations on ways to […]

News Notes: Free ADA And Workplace Drug Program Compliance Materials

If your website doesn’t include reader friendly alternatives for people with disabilities, such as sight impairments, you might be violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Center for Applied Special Technology offers a free tool at that employers can use to test whether their web pages are accessible to disabled individuals. Also, the federal Department of Labor […]

News Notes: New OSHA Web Site Encourages Worker Complaints

Employees can now use the Internet to file health and safety complaints, thanks to a new Fed/OSHA Web site focusing on workers’ rights. The new electronic complaint filing system, which makes it easier for employees to air their grievances, could bring a flood of new workplace investigations since the agency says that it will forward […]

Bulletin Item: President Bush Signs Pension Funding Equity Act (HR 3108)

The new law provides a short-term replacement for the current 30-year Treasury bond rate, which is currently used as the benchmark rate for pension funding liabilities. Some employers, unions, and workers expressed concerns about using the Treasury bond rate because it artificially inflates a plan’s funding liabilities. Congress enacted a temporary fix in March 2002 […]