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E-Alert Item: Labor Department Unveils New Website For Disability Awareness

The U.S. Department of Labor has launched, a new online resource to promote disability awareness. The site is a collaborative effort across multiple federal agencies and includes information on employment, health care and other topics. It contains a resource section for employers, with guidance on legal responsibilities regarding disabled employees and applicants and links to […]

News Notes: Nonmembers Can’t Be Forced to Pay for Union Organizing

A long-standing ruling by the National Labor Relations Board permitted unions to charge workers who were not union members fees that were used in organizing efforts in other workplaces. The rationale behind the rule was that nonunion workers derived a benefit from organizing efforts elsewhere because nonunion employers in the area would be forced to […]

Sick Leave: SF Approves Transition Period for Paid Sick Leave

We reported last week that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors was considering an ordinance that would give employers an additional transition period before San Francisco’s controversial paid sick leave law, Chapter 12W, takes full effect. The paid sick leave law was approved by voters and took effect on Feb. 5, 2007.

Retention: What if 75% of Your Workers Found Other Jobs?

The bad news is that surveys are showing that three of every four of your workers are probably job hunting. The good news is that there are retention strategies to keep them. If you’re not doing anything special right now, stick your head out the door and look down the corridor. Now imagine three out […]

IRS Doesn’t Want to Play High-low Anymore

The IRS announced July 19 that it intends to eliminate a set of alternative per diem rates called the “high-low” rates, which the federal government — and at their discretion, private employers — use to reimburse employees for meals and incidental expenses they incur while on business travel. In Announcement 2011-42, the IRS said it had […]

News Notes: State Workplace Fatality Rate Continues To Fall

The number of California workers killed on the job in 2000 was the lowest since 1992, when the state first published such data. Preliminary figures from the California Department of Industrial Relations show there were 553 deaths in 2000, down from 644 a decade ago. Over 41% of the total deaths resulted from transportation accidents, […]