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Feds Urge Employers to Prepare for Emergencies

The Department of Homeland Security, in partnership with the Advertising Council, has launched a campaign to educate small and mid-sized employers about engaging in emergency preparedness efforts to protect their employees, business operations, and assets. The program includes a website,, with extensive information on emergency planning, including a sample emergency plan, emergency supplies checklist, […]

HRAs with Incentives Are Popular Wellness Offering

Yesterday’s Advisor presented findings from The Alliance for Wellness ROI, Inc.’s (Alliance) 4th Annual Survey of Corporate Wellness Programs. Today’s Advisor covers more survey data and introduces a unique program to help you with your wellness program. The Alliance for Wellness ROI, Inc. (Alliance), the organization that conducted the survey, is a nonprofit intercompany cooperative […]

News Notes: EEOC Backlog Reduced; Race Bias Charges Most Common

Although the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has receivedan average of more than 85,000 charges a year since 1992, the agency recentlyannounced it has slashed its pending caseload by nearly half in the lastthree years, partly by offering more mediation-based alternative disputeresolution. Complaints of race discrimination top the list (36% of allcharges filed), followed by […]

Short Takes: Performance Goals

We have a service repair technician who is required to repair 12 instruments a year, but due to a 3-month Family and Medical Leave Act absence was only able to repair 6. May we view him as an unsatisfactory performer and reduce his merit raise?

Do Your Business Manners Stack Up?

Too Much Information Is Simply Too Much Information: Be polite, express interest in the basic elements of your co-workers’ lives, but never share too much—and never pry. Keep Your Workplace Clean and Uncluttered: Keeping things order ensures you’ll never crucial lose information or get bogged down looking for something. Prioritize: Decide what is most important […]