10 Workforce Trends That Will Affect HR

Preparing for and adapting to changes in the workplace is a crucial element to any HR professional’s job. What changes are most likely to affect HR in both the short and long-term future that you should be thinking about and preparing for now? In this audio slideshow, we present 10 current workplace trends impacting HR. […]

Expert Explains Employer ‘Play or Pay’ Mandate Under ACA

What is considered both affordable and adequate health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? A new video from a BLR Legal Editor keeps you informed. In 2014, one of the most significant provisions under the ACA becomes effective—the employer responsibility mandate—commonly referred to as ‘play or pay.’ Under the health care reform law, […]

Firing 101 Part 2—Investigate Before You Terminate.

Firing an employee is a serious step. You may want to conduct an investigation to be sure of your position. In the second video of the Firing 101 series, Steve Bruce shares the key questions to ask. Look out for the next videos in our series: “Audit for fairness,” and “Let a group decide.” SB: […]

Firing 101 Part 1—Stop, Listen and Look

From a legal standpoint, terminations are the most dangerous actions managers take. In this video, HR Daily Advisor Editor Stephen Bruce talks about what you need to know to reduce your risk of lawsuits. This is Steve Bruce for the HR Daily Advisor. This is the first video in our Firing 101 series—Stop, Listen and […]

Hiring 101 Part 11 – Making the Offer

If you have already conducted interviews and performed reference checks, it’s time to choose. In the last video in the Hiring 101 Series, Steve Bruce explains how to select the best candidate and make an offer that can’t be refused.

Hiring 101 Part 10 – Reference Checks

Reference checks and other background checks are important for verifying information and impressions from the interview, and for insuring that you are aware of any serious problems in the candidate’s past. In this video, HR Daily Advisor Editor Stephen Bruce talks about how to conduct meaningful reference checks.

Healthcare Reform/ACA Changes: What’s Next for Employers?

Many provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or heatlhcare reform law, that have significant impact on employers will be taking effect within the next few years—some within the coming months. In this video, BLR Legal Editor Jessica Webb-Ayer provides an overview of what’s on the horizon, and what employers should be thinking about and […]