HR Works 5-Minute Friday: HR Must Rein In the Chaos

Guest: Danny Nelms, President, Work Institute

Next week is the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Appreciation: Leadership Week 2021 during which there will be daily events and a daily offering of unique and relevant content. Today we are going to set the stage for that event with our guest, Danny Nelms, President of Work Institute. You can find a link to HR Appreciation Leadership Week in the description.

Danny is here today to talk about what HR should be doing right now amid a hiring crisis and amid mass worker resignations. We’ll also discuss how to rethink our leadership development. Finally, Danny and the team are working on a video series called the Retention Roundup where we explore cutting-edge research conducted by Work Institute that explores everything from the reasons that employees leave their jobs to how you can tackle employee engagement.

You can learn more about the Work Institute’s 2021 Retention Report here.

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