HR Works Podcast

HR Works: COVID-19 Testing Realities, Limitations, and Plans for Employers


This episode strives to answer one important question: can COVID-19 testing play an effective role in bringing workers back to the workplace? New information and data about the disease are available every day and with it comes changes in best practices for keeping everyone safe. Meanwhile, many employers are bringing workers back to the workplace and they need to understand the most current testing methods and strategies to keep everyone safe.

Our guest is at the forefront of putting together testing strategies and packages for employers as they navigate this challenging time. Dr. Sree Chaguturu is the Cheif Medical Officer for CVS Caremark. His organization is striving to put together strategies and testing capabilities for employers.

In this episode, we’ll explore what kinds of testing is now and will be available in the future. We’ll look at how each can be used most effectively, and where the limitations are. We’ll also look at the role of vaccines when they come around, and what things will look like over the next year or two.