HR Works COVID-19 Update: Delivering Difficult News with Grace


The pandemic has changed so much about how we work together and how we interact. It has also redefined many social norms and etiquette. Layoffs, pay reductions, employee illness, and death have all increased over the last months, and with each comes a difficult conversation. HR has always been the department that has to deliver difficult news to employees.

Compassion, then, becomes an important currency of how organizations operate today. Uber, for example, has become infamous for how they fired over 3,500 employees over zoom calls. There has to be a better way, and we have with us today an expert in delivering bad news compassionately.

In this episode we are pleased to have with us Dr. Anthony Orsini practicing neonatologist and founder of The Orsini Way, join me to discuss tips employers and HR professionals can use when delivering bad news.

Dr. Orsini took what he learned as an ICU physician who had to deliver difficult news to families and founded The Orsini Way, a communication training company that helps healthcare professionals and business leaders navigate difficult conversations and build strong relationships.