HR Works COVID-19 Update: Will Due Diligence Help Employers Win COVID-Related Lawsuits?

As the landscape of work changes, so will the landscape of employment law. Across our nation, some states are closing down while others are opening up. That creates a lot of variability in how employers approach keeping everyone safe and the return to work. What are the liabilities? How can they keep up when best practices change constantly? Will due diligence help when, retroactively, employers realize they got something wrong.

Here to talk about these and other legal issues is employment lawyer and member of Clark Hill in Collin County Texas, Kim Moore.

Kim Moore has been pragmatically solving employer’s problems for almost twenty-five years. A board-certified employment lawyer with an MBA and extensive experience in and out of the courtroom. Kim is passionate about achieving the client’s goals in non-compete, theft of trade secrets, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wage and hour matters.

Kim genuinely enjoys her work, particularly understanding each client’s business and its people. Kim serves as the Member in Charge of the firm’s Collin County office. Kim is also a AAA trained mediator. She uses her knowledge to help parties resolve all types of conflicts.