HR Works Podcast

HR Works: Finding Hidden and Meaningful Training Trends

If you have a learning management system, you probably have access to a boatload of metrics. But what do they really tell you? Do they help you fine-tune your training regiments? One expert suggests that a swath of additional, less common metrics exist and they can help you unlock hidden and meaningful trends within your training process.

In this episode, we will discuss the intersection of training and business intelligence. This episode is sponsored by Administrate, and we are pleased to have with us John Peebles, the CEO of Administrate, an EdTech infrastructure platform that provides configurable training management solutions for enterprises across the globe. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with offices in Montana, USA, and Beirut, Lebanon, Administrate is a diverse, creative software company born from within the training industry that focuses on creating the Ultimate Human Organization in culture, practice, and product.

Now in its sixth year, Administrate is proud to support the training teams of Fortune 100 companies in the US, EU, and EMEA regions with a team of 100 talented professionals focused on creating and delivering learning & development technology innovation.  Prior to Administrate, Mr. Peebles helped found Fort Lauderdale-based Sentry Data Systems, where he served as Chief Information Officer and VP of Operations while it grew to more than $30 million in revenue within five years. He is passionate about education, teamwork, technology, and mental health in the workplace, and often speaks on these subjects around the world.