HR Works: How Leadership Can Navigate Chaotic vs. Ordered Employees

If I’ve learned one thing since taking on this podcast, is that change in an organization literally cannot happen without leaders being on board. How can HR managers make that happen? It’s the 100 million dollar question, and we are thrilled to have two experts from Rose Group Int’l to help us answer it.

The first of our two guests is Meg Manke, Senior Partner at Rose Group Int’l and culture and leadership expert. Meg has years of experience in leading through transition. From major changes in highly-regulated industries to managing through $100M acquisition, Meg has refined skills in understanding people through change. Her studies in organizational psychology and mastery in leadership concepts ensure that your people are taken care of. Period.

Our other guest is Dr. Rachel MK Headley, also a Senior Partner at Rose Group Int’l and also a culture & leadership expert. Rachel brings a methodical and razor-sharp intellect to solve problems that suit her client organization, its ideal culture, and business goals. She has led and managed teams for over 20 years. Rachel enjoys a good challenge and manages big projects, unites diverse stakeholders, guides teams through change, and leads complex and ground-breaking achievements.