HR Works: One DJ’s Novel Approach to Team Building

Imagine an organization filled to the brim with great individual talent. Now imagine that organization has no formal methods for bringing those people together as a team. Likely, many of you don’t have to imagine that at all because that just might be the case at your organization. Well, so what? If individuals strive for individual success, how bad can it really be?

In episode 77 of HR Works: The Podcast for HR Professionals, we strive to answer that question. We talked with a team building expert with an unusual background. Amani Roberts, aka DJ AmRo is a professional DJ and music producer, but he’s also a thought leader. Amani got his DJ chops at the Scratch Academy DJ school, but it wasn’t long before he found a way to adapt his skill set to team-building for corporate America.

Amani also hosts his own podcast, the Amani Experience, which explores creative individuals who moved from corporate life to creative life. Just how do team building and DJing fit together? I for one was excited to find out.

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