HR Works Podcast: How to Engage Remote Workers & Create a Great Digital Culture

HR Works Podcast


There are few if any companies today that don’t have remote workers on the payroll. And that’s all to the good in many ways, but it’s also true that managing remote workers can be challenging. To get some perspective and some practical tips on creating a great digital culture, we’ve asked Miranda Nicholson to join us on HR Works: The Podcast for HR Professionals to share the expertise she’s gained in 6 years of working with remote workers.

She is the Talent Department Manager at Formstack, an online form builder. Her role includes overseeing the acquisition, onboarding, and retention of current and to-be Formstackers. Her day-to-day responsibilities involve developing and executing on strategies to attract and retain talent, ensuring their time at Formstack is rewarding and meaningful, and that they are developing professionally.

In this interview, Nicholson discusses

  • tips for onboarding remote employees
  • how to keep them connected with the rest of the team
  • how to keep remote employees motivated and engaged
  • how to identify and overcome obstacles that can prevent remote workers from working well together

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