HR Works Podcast: Is Your Leadership Development Program Actually Working?

Guest: Rob Kjar, Ph.D., Senior Managing Consultant, Vaya Group

In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Vaya Group’s Senior Managing Consultant and organization development expert, Rob Kjar, Ph.D., joins to take a closer look at current state of leadership development in organizations.  While many companies are emphasizing and investing heavily in efforts to build pipelines of talented and diverse future leaders, can they tell if it is actually working and yielding positive results? Listen as we discuss Vaya Group’s finding from their recent 2022 Vaya Vision Survey, understanding the effectiveness of leadership development and DEI efforts, and learn the key Dos and Don’ts for building successful development programs that truly champions opportunity.

For more information and to access the 2022 Vaya Vision Survey, click HERE.  If you enjoy this episode and would like to hear more from Rob on evolving workplace culture, he will also be a featured guest and town hall panelist in an our upcoming HR Now virtual session on September 28th & 29th.  Don’t miss your opportunity to register and reserve a seat TODAY!

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