HR Works Podcast: Not All Background Checks Are Created Equal

Guests: Ofer Reiss, CEO & Owner of ProfCheck LTD, and David Garcia, the CEO of ScoutLogic.

In this episode, we are going to discuss background checks. So many organizations require background checks on potential employees, and there are countless services out there to assist you. But not all background checks are equal, and there are some tricky compliance issues to navigate as well. Finally, the pandemic has changed the nature of background checks as well.

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We are pleased to have two experts with us to examine these issues. First, we have Ofer Reiss, CEO & Owner of ProfCheck LTD, a new layer of security that conducts background checks and ongoing monitoring to defend employers from inner threats. Offer worked for over twenty years with the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel doing everything from heading counter-terror interrogation schools to conducting polygraph exams.

We also have with us today David Garcia, the CEO of ScoutLogic, a national pre-employment background check company located in the USA. David has over 25 years of experience in securing new clients, increasing revenue, and delivering superior client satisfaction in the B2B field. He is also an advisor to NVP and their portfolio companies, working with founders and sales and marketing leaders to help them grow their businesses.

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