HR Works Podcast: Trends With Benefits

Guest: Claire Barnes, Chief Human Capital Officer at Monster

As organizations continue to manage rising operating costs brought on by the inflation trends of 2022, many HR teams are now facing challenging decisions when it comes to prioritizing employer-sponsored benefits. How can leadership teams best determine the benefits to protect and what can be let go? With so much emphasis placed on a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to drive recruiting, what are some of the most valued and sought-after benefits for talent in this modern, post-pandemic era?

Monster’s Chief Human Capital Officer, Claire Barnes, joins this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast and helps us explore some of the recent trends in employer-sponsored benefits. Learn what employees and potential candidates are valuing most from employers in 2022, and get some tips on the best ways to communicate benefits updates throughout an organization and ensure they are getting used to their full potential.

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