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HR Works Podcast: VR Sexual Harassment and DEI Training

Way back in April 2019, I spoke with today’s guest about virtual reality and sexual harassment. Some things have changed since then (I’m looking at you, pandemic), but some things are the same (I’m looking at YOU, ineffective sexual harassment training). Either way, we are very pleased to have with us again today Morgan Mercer.

Morgan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vantage Point, an organization that strives to leverage virtual reality immersive technology to tackle complex training challenges, such as sexual harassment training and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Prior to founding Vantage Point, she concurrently served as the Head of Digital for an e-commerce startup and as an Analyst for a digital agency where she has worked on high-profile contracts focused on attitude change and behavior change within the domain of complex social issues.

She has been featured on the BBC, in British Vogue, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Wired, VentureBeat, and many other media outlets.

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