HR Works Presents HR Work Break: 2022’s Unionization Trends

Guests: Charlie Plumb, attorney and shareholder at McAfee & Taft

In the wake of COVID-19, employees are reassessing what they need from companies. As workers recognize their importance to employers, they in turn realize that they deserve fair benefits and compensation as well as a voice. As such, unions have grown in popularity. Companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and Apple are at the forefront of 2022’s union efforts. Close to 250 Starbucks stores alone filed for union election petitions with the National Labor Relations Board in the past year.

In this episode of HR Work Break I’m joined by Charlie Plumb, attorney and shareholder at McAfee & Taft. He specializes in employment and labor law, and has written several pieces for HR Daily Advisor about state and federal employment laws and regulations. Listen in as we discuss recent unionization efforts, how to show workers you value them, and the importance of communication in leadership.

To read more about recent unionization efforts, read Charlie’s articles on Starbucks and Amazon.

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