HR Works Presents HR Work Break: What Does the ‘Human’ Aspect of HR Mean to You?

Guests: Sheri Atwood (Founder & CEO of Supportpay), Jeff Osterman, SVP and CPO at Sweetwater), Deb LaMere (Chief HR Officer at Datasite), Evan Falchuk (Chairman & CEO of Family First), Ivori Johnson (Director of DEIB at ChartHop), Jenn Kischell (VP of Workforce Engagement at Metlife), Kat Kibben (CEO & Founder of Three Ears Media), Maurice Bell (Head of People Operations at Lattice), and Aimee Gindin (Head of Marketing and Strategy at Torchlight, a LifeSpeak company)

Happy New Year! For many, January is the perfect time to reassess goals and set new resolutions. Everyone can benefit from reflecting on lessons learned in 2022, and many new year’s resolutions revolve around the concept of self-betterment. HR leaders understand that initiatives, policies, and practices should center on the people who are affected by it. Do your 2023 plans keep your employees in mind? To help HR pros prepare to greet the new year, I collected a series of quotes from past guests that answer the question: What does the “human” part of human resources mean to you?

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