HR Works: Real Partnerships Create Ideal Training Programs

When the leader of a digital identity and access management company wanted to rapidly expand, he needed a configurable training management solution that could handle the pressure. Ultimately, he found more than just a solution—he found a business partner. Through that partnership, both organizations grew to great heights.

This is our second episode with our sponsor Administrate, an EdTech infrastructure platform that provides configurable training management solutions for enterprises across the globe. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with offices in Montana, USA, and Beirut, Lebanon, Administrate is a diverse, creative software company borne from within the training industry that focuses on creating the ultimate human organization in culture, practice, and product. Now in its sixth year, Administrate is proud to support the training teams of Fortune 100 companies in the United States; the European Union; and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa regions with a team of 100 talented professionals focused on creating and delivering learning and development technology innovation.

Last time, we discussed new ways for employers to get ahold of their training metrics to unlock the true potential of their training programs and rapidly expand a training program. Today, we have Administrate’s CEO, John Peebles, back with us on the show, along with one of his clients, to discuss what this process looks like. Before Administrate, Peebles helped found Fort Lauderdale-based Sentry Data Systems, where he served as Chief Information Officer and VP of Operations while it grew to more than $30 million in revenue within 5 years. He is passionate about education, teamwork, technology, and mental health in the workplace and often speaks on these subjects around the world.

We also have Kevin Streater, Vice President of ForgeRock University at ForgeRock and one of Peebles’ clients.

Streater is a leader in the IT learning and development industry and is currently Vice President of ForgeRock University at ForgeRock, a digital identity and access management company. He is also a Director of the Computer Education Managers Association (CEdMA) and is known for innovating unique learning and development initiatives in response to learner analytics. Before ForgeRock, Streater spent nearly 20 years in various service delivery, project management, and training leadership roles at Sun Microsystems.