HR Works: Recruiting from Alternative Candidate Pools—Ex-Offenders, Vets and the Disabled

Suddenly, with the improving economy, recruiting is on the front burner again. Organizations from all types of industries are experiencing difficulty hiring workers at all levels. For some guidance on how to kick start your recruiting, we’ve asked Arte Nathan to join us.

Arte is the Principal of Strategic Development Worldwide and also serves as a Hope for Prisoners Board Member. He served as Chief Human Resources Officer for Steve Wynn’s gaming companies from 1983 – 2006, and opened all of Wynn’s casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Mississippi and China.

Arte will be presenting at BLR’s upcoming THRIVE 2017 Conference, May 11-12 in Las Vegas on the topic “When To Back-Burner the Background Check: Rethinking Your Employment Screening Strategy.”