HR Works: The Importance of Stress Resilience in the Workplace

I want you to imagine an organization filled with just the right combination of top-quality talent. By all measures, these are the people who should be delivering quality results. Now imagine that both the work and the work environment are stress filled. Instead of delivering results, those stressed out employees are under performing and maybe even looking elsewhere for a less stressful job.

Luckily, we have a guest today that excels in solving workplace stress. We are pleased to have Laurie Warren, a change agent, with us today. Laurie is the founder and vibrant living advocate of Warren Wellness LLC. She has an M.S. in clinical and integrative nutrition and a lot of hands on experience helping individuals and organizations promote wellness. She takes a holistic approach towards promoting healthy workplaces.

Laurie will be speaking at BLR’s 2019 event TalentCon, the premier event for learning how to recruit, retain, and engage employees. She will be presenting her session, Hot Topic Power Talk #2—Fostering Stress Resilience to Unlock Workforce Potential, on March 13th at the Sheraton Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, TX.