HR Works: Uncover the Real Issues Behind Your “People Problem”


Many times, HR managers and  executives know that something’s wrong—the organization is not functioning at as high a level as it should.  Departments are butting heads and pointing fingers.  But what’s really to blame?  Do you have a people problem?  Or is something else at the root cause?  For Episode 54 of HT Works: The Podcast for Human Resources we’ve got an expert at diving into organizations, finding the real problem, and fixing it.

With over 20 years’ experience in leadership and team building, Lisa Rueth leads the team of consulting professionals at Cultivate Leadership, where she is CEO. Lisa helps companies and organizations with the mechanics of leadership, human performance, and systems of collaboration, all with the goal of helping leaders make a deeper impact.

Lisa will be speaking at HR & Employee Benefits Summit, taking place this April 23 & 24 in Boston, Massachusetts. This VIP Forum Event is the perfect fit for HR decision-makers looking to source new solutions and engage with other mid-size and larger employers. Find out how you can get a complimentary ticket, as well as executive hotel accommodations at ForumEvents/HRWorks.