HR Works: VP of Learning at LinkedIn Weighs In on Latest Learning Trends


Even if you onboard the best employees, if you don’t train them well (or at all), everything suffers from the employees right down to the bottom line. In episode 96 of HR Works, we are lucky to be joined by learning expert Tanya Staples, VP of Product, Learning Content at LinkedIn.

Over 10 years ago, Tanya was an author and online video creator at, a LinkedIn property. Driven by her passion for education, she joined the company full-time, and has worked closely with co-founder Lynda Weinman to ensure her teaching style and philosophy are represented in all instructional content. She now oversees both the Content Management team who defines the content strategy and the Production team who executes against that vision.

Here we discuss the latest learning trends, the strategic value of learning for business leaders, and handling learning among the 5 generations that currently populate the workforce.