HR Works: What Will HR Look Like in 2021 and Beyond?

When I first took over this podcast, my very first guest was Ira Wolfe, and we talked about what HR might look like in 2025.  By all accounts, we were well on track to realize that future. But then the pandemic hit and that future has largely been changed.

In this episode I am pleased to have Ira back with us to ask a few more follow up questions, including what will HR look like next year, and what will it look like by 2030 and 2035?

Ira is the president of Success Performance Solutions, which excels in pre-employment testing software for sales, leadership, service, and production across a number of industries.

In addition to being a blogger and prolific business writer, Ira is an accomplished speaker, having visited the stages of TEDx and DisruptHR. He has also published books such as The Perfect Labor Storm and Recruiting in the Age of Googlization: When the Shift Hits Your Plan.