HR Works Podcast: From Classroom to Corner Office – What’s Changing in HR? (Part 2)

Guests: Dr. Albert Orbinati (Assistant Professor and Program Director of the Human Resources Management program at Champlain College) and Alisa Avelar (Vice President of People at Docker and Professor of Human Resources Management at Champlain College)

We are back with Part 2 of this special two-part episode of the HR Works Podcast, featuring Dr. Albert Orbinati and Alisa Avelar, members of the Human Resource Management program at Champlain College.  We pick up the conversation and look at the potential challenges and roadblocks facing teams that are now working in different workplace formats. So what can HR leaders do to help overcome these challenges? Listen as we answer this question and more, looking at the evolving workplace dynamics and the strategies they are using in preparing the latest wave of talent joining the Human Resources community.

And in case you missed it, check out Part 1 where we cover the newest philosophies being introduced into Champlain College’s Human Resources Management curriculum and unpack some of the latest challenges facing HR professionals.  It’s definitely you will want to hear!

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