HR Works: Why Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Are More Critical Than Ever in 2017



Traditionally, workplace diversity dealt with race and ethnicity, and then gender—but now the term seems to encompass just about everything from generational differences to political ideologies to gender identity. We wanted an expert’s perspective on what diversity “looks like” in 2017 and its role in organizational success.

In this episode of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, Susan Scott, founder and CEO of executive development and training firm Fierce joins us to discuss:

  • Why it’s so critical to have a diverse workforce in 2017
  • The impact on diversity brought on by the influx of Millennial employees in the workplace
  • The distinction between diversity and inclusion
  • Red flags to look for in an organization that doesn’t value diversity
  • What a workplace diversity program should include
  • Specific approaches by employers towards fostering diversity that have been successful

And more!