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HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday: Your Truth, My Truth, and The Truth

Guest: Jignasha Amin Grooms, Chief Human Resources Officer, Epicor Software

As an HR professional, you are often called up to learn the truth. These can be high-stakes scenarios like workplace investigations, but also when it comes to basic employee relations. But what is the truth? Today’s HR Works 5-Minute Friday guest says there is your truth, my truth, and The Truth. Understanding the differences can go a long way towards navigating difficult workplace situations.

Today I am happy to share a few minutes of my recent interview with Jignasha Amin Grooms, Chief Human Resources Officer at Epicor Software. If you enjoy this episode, please consider checking in next Thursday, June 24th in our “Faces of HR” column where I’ll share the rest of our conversation.

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