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HR Works: How One Employer Transformed Its Culture and Stepped Up LGBT Support

In this episode of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, we’re joined by Karen Whalen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, of data management firm First Data, an organization that recently experienced a successful cultural transformation. Karen addresses what prompted the cultural transformation, what goals were set, communication strategy and metrics used to help gauge success. She also talks about First Data’s particularly increased support for LGBT workers as part of the organization’s cultural changes.


HR Works (E31): How Industry Hiring Data & Technology Are Transforming Recruiting

EPISODE 31 To get some hard data on today’s recruiting landscape and provide fresh insights on emerging trends in the U.S. labor market, we’ve sought the insights of talent acquisition expert Josh Wright, Chief Economist at iCIMS. In this episode of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, Josh provides an overview of the current […]

HR Works: 2017 Recruiting Trends—Social Media Tactics, Negotiation & ‘Thinking Locally’

EPISODE 30 Given the current talent economy, organizations are challenged to consistently attract and retain the right caliber of talent. BLR, with the kind sponsorship of SilkRoad, has just completed a survey about several interesting aspects of recruiting today. To help us interpret some of the survey data, we’ve asked Alexandra Levit to join us. […]

HR Works: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Employees Through Performance Coaching

EPISODE 29 There’s a sea change going on in the world of performance appraisals. Many organizations are moving away from the once-a-year-focus on past performance to a system with more frequent encounters, more focus on the future, and more time spent discussing employee development and opportunity–one that could be characterized as more of a performance […]

HR Works: Recruiting from Alternative Candidate Pools—Ex-Offenders, Vets and the Disabled

Suddenly, with the improving economy, recruiting is on the front burner again. Organizations from all types of industries are experiencing difficulty hiring workers at all levels. For some guidance on how to kick start your recruiting, we’ve asked Arte Nathan to join us. Arte is the Principal of Strategic Development Worldwide and also serves as […]

HR Works: How Should You Address Workplace Romances?

EPISODE 27 How should employers practically and realistically address the sensitive topic of romance in the workplace, which can have potentially serious workplace implications if left unchecked? In this encore presentation of our inaugural episode, BLR Senior Legal Editor Jennifer Carsen, JD, joins us to discuss how employers should address romance in the workplace. HR […]

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HR Works Podcast: How Women Leaders Can Overcome ‘Subtle’ Workplace Barriers

EPISODE 24 For years, HR managers have been working to eliminate discrimination against women in the workplace. And, not to suggest that that’s no longer a concern, but today, as women leaders progress in the workplace, they often face more subtle barriers that hold them back from fulfilling their true potential. To help us to […]

HR Works Podcast

HR Works Podcast: Recharge Your Performance Management with Future-Focused Reviews

EPISODE 23 Who thought that the performance management process would undergo a dramatic about face, but that’s what’s happening in many companies. They are abandoning the traditional approach towards performance reviews—look backward once a year—for a new one that emphasizes forward thinking, employee development, and frequent feedback. It sounds good, but is there evidence that […]

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HR Works Podcast: Hire for Success Through Cultural Fit Interviews

EPISODE 21 Have you ever gone through the recruiting and interviewing process, finally decided on a candidate, and made what you thought would be a great hire, only to realize later that the person just didn’t fit? If you’re in HR, we’re guessing more than a few of you answered ‘yes’ to this question. To […]