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HR Works Podcast: The Raw Ingredients of Leadership

Guest: Dr. Michael Ehret, Head of Global Talent Management at Johnson & Johnson Are there any inherent, natural ingredients shared by high-potential leaders? And does there always need to be a direct correlation between performance and leadership potential? The HR Works Podcast returns with another great conversation featuring a member of the team at Johnson & Johnson, […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Gain Perspective and Operate with Heart

Guests: Jeff Osterman, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer at Sweetwater I’m joined by Jeff Ostermann, Sweetwater’s Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer. Sweetwater is the #1 online retailer of music instrument and professional audio gear in the United States. In his role, Jeff develops the talent, teams and culture that help Sweetwater […]

HR Works Showcase: The Era, Episode 5 – Lead from Where You Are

The latest episode of the HR Works Showcase series features Episode 5 of BambooHR’s podcast series, The Era. If you have been keeping up with any of the previous episodes that we have shared from The Era series, you understand the importance of building a people-first employee experience and Episode 5 takes a closer look through […]

HR Works Podcast: Building a Bespoke Learning Path

Guest: Sandra Humbles, Global Head of J&J Learn at Johnson & Johnson Who really drives the direction of an employee’s learning and development? The managers or the employees themselves? And what differentiates a learning path for entry-level employees and their executive colleagues at an organization? In the latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Bringing the Human Element into the Workplace

Guest: Joe Gagnon, CEO of 1upHealth I’m joined by Joe Gagnon, CEO of 1upHealth. 1upHealth is a digital health data platform designed to help healthcare organizations connect, control, and compute data. Its unique system is designed to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare data today and evolve with them into the future. Listen in as […]

HR Works Podcast: Can A Distributed Workforce Work For Your Team?

Guest: Erin Dertouzos, Vice President of People Strategy at strongDM What are some of the unique advantages to operating with a distributed workforce? Are there any specific attributes or personality traits that help employees thrive when working on a team that is fully remote?  And most importantly, what are some of the biggest challenges in […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: See, Support, and Honor Working Parents

Guests: Amy VanHaren, Founder and CEO of pumpspotting August is National Breastfeeding month! 50% of working parents are concerned that pumping at work could impact their career growth. When employers provide essential family-forming benefits, such as lactation support solutions, they often see a 94% return-from-leave retention rate. In the latest episode of HR Work Break, […]

HR Works Showcase: The Era, Episode 4 – Be Open & Assume the Best

The HR Works Showcase series is back with another great feature episode from BambooHR’s The Era, a podcast series dedicated to the employee experience and sharing the journey organizations are taking as their workforce becomes a top-priority. Listen as host and BambooHR CEO, Brad Rencher, takes us on a deep-dive into healthy communication and how it […]

HR Works Podcast: Uncover the Passive Talent Market

Guest: Kathleen Duffy, President and CEO of Duffy Group Is the Great Reshuffle preventing teams from finding and hiring great new talent? Recruiting expert and President and CEO of Duffy Group, Kathleen Duffy, joins the HR Works Podcast to take a closer look at how her Recruitment Research model can be the key to unlocking […]