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HR Works Podcast

HR Works Podcast: New Overtime Regs Create Tough Decisions for Employers

EPISODE 9 On May 18, the U.S Department of Labor (DOL) released long-awaited changes to the overtime regulations—the first major changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) since 2004. The regulations take effect on December 1, 2016, but that may be little consolation to the many employers faced with tough decisions regarding their workforce […]

HR Works Podcast

HR Works Podcast: How to Avoid Discrimination in Employee Dress Code Policies

EPISODE 8 It might seem that drafting and addressing violations of dress code and appearance policies would be old hat for HR, but the challenges in this area just keep mounting, and there’s no shortage of eager lawyers waiting to bring a suit for religious or national origin discrimination or failure to accommodate. To pin […]

HR Works Podcast

HR Works Podcast: Best Practices in College Recruiting

EPISODE 7 To help us understand today’s college students and how to run successful programs to recruit them, expert Tom Borgerding, CEO and president of Campus Media Group Inc joins us as or guest on this episode of HR Works. Tom works on college recruiting programs with a large number of notable companies such as […]

HR Works Podcast: Elements of a Successful Employee Referral Program

EPISODE 6 As the economy improves, finding qualified candidates to fill your open jobs becomes more difficult. Employee referral programs can play an important role in your recruiting efforts, but many aren’t as effective as they could be. In this episode of HR Works, Jody Ordioni, Chief Brand Officer & President of Brandemix, provides the […]

HR Works Podcast

HR Works Podcast : The ROI of Employee Benefits Communication

EPISODE 5 Many HR managers find it difficult to communicate the full value of benefits to employees and equally hard to calculate ROI of benefits communication and convince upper management of its value. Jennifer Benz, CEO and Founder of Benz Communications, joins us to explain the what, how and when of benefits communication and how […]

HR Works Podcast

HR Works: Election 2016 & Politics in the Workplace

EPISODE 4 To say that the 2016 election season is ‘heating up’ would be an understatement. Contentious political arguments abound across the United States, and it’s inevitable that some of these conversations will occur at work. In this episode of HR Works, BLR Senior Legal Editor Susan Schoenfeld, JD, explains what employers and human resources […]

HR Works Podcast: Supporting Business Strategy as an HR Department of One

EPISODE 3 In this episode of HR Works, we examine how an HR department of one can support his/her organization’s strategic goals while keeping up with the administrative functions and day-to-day activities. Our guest in this episode of HR Works, Diane Breeding, PHR, SHRM-CP, HR Manager for Edwards Moving & Rigging (KY), does just that–and […]

HR Works Podcast (Episode 1): How Should You Address Workplace Romances?

BLR’s new podcast, HR Works, provides clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to human resources professionals. When you’re armed with best practices, plus the knowledge to keep your organization in compliance, HR works! In our premiere episode, we tackle the sensitive topic of workplace romance. Why is it something employers should care about? […]