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HR Works: Next Level Sexual Harassment Training

Organizations are working hard to meet the challenge of sexual harassment in the workplace head-on. However, the efficacy of sexual harassment training leaves a lot to be desired. How do employers make this training stick? Part of it boils down to creating an emotional investment in trainees, a subject that our guest excels in. Morgan […]

HR Works Special Episode: Making Sense of the Proposed Overtime Regulations

The Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed a rule that is expected to make more than one million more workers eligible for overtime pay. Currently, the DOL is accepting comments until May 21st. In this special episode, sponsored by Kronos, we discuss the proposed overtime regulations in detail with Kara Shea, a Partner with the […]

HR Works: It Takes More Than Training to Stop Workplace Bullying

In episode 81 of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Professionals, we explore the real problem of workplace bullying. A shocking number of employees have experienced bullying and even more have witnessed it. The problem has a powerful effect on employees and therefore on organizations, including everything from engagement and retention to damaging a company’s […]

HR Works: Great Culture Requires Conscious Leadership

The people of an organization generate that company’s culture. That includes all of the people from the employees through middle management right up to leadership and to a degree, even the customers. When part of that culture producing chain fails, the whole culture suffers—it doesn’t disappear, it just decays. Naturally then, if an organization’s leadership […]

HR Works: We Might Just All Be in the Wrong Jobs

How are employers supposed to keep people in their roles if large percentages of people are in the wrong job? What could that mean? Luckily our guest is in a great position to answer that question. In this episode, we are joined by Jamie Schneiderman. Jamie is the Founder and CEO of Career Spark, the […]

HR Works: No More Bad Hires

Every HR professional and recruiter knows the cost of a bad hire. Time and money spent on the hiring and training go down the tube and now you are left with nothing but that same vacancy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid making bad hires in the first place? In this episode, we […]

HR Works: One DJ’s Novel Approach to Team Building

Imagine an organization filled to the brim with great individual talent. Now imagine that organization has no formal methods for bringing those people together as a team. Likely, many of you don’t have to imagine that at all because that just might be the case at your organization. Well, so what? If individuals strive for […]

HR Works: 10 Minutes of Recognition Makes All the Difference

The term engagement gets used a lot, and for good reason. Organizations spend so much money, time, and training getting the right people onboard. All of that vanishes when that employee walks out the door. In many cases, retaining employees is achievable with the right set of tools aimed at employee engagement. In episode 76 […]

HR Works: The Importance of Stress Resilience in the Workplace

I want you to imagine an organization filled with just the right combination of top-quality talent. By all measures, these are the people who should be delivering quality results. Now imagine that both the work and the work environment are stress filled. Instead of delivering results, those stressed out employees are under performing and maybe […]


HR Works: Giving Mentoring the Modern Treatment

We know that employers spend a lot of time and energy on the entire employee lifecycle: from sourcing to onboarding straight through retention, engagement, and, of course, exit interviews. Part of making sure that your workforce is not only successful but is also engaged surrounds mentoring. You could have the best product, the most modern […]