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HR Works: Get Winning Workplace Results by Winning Over Your Employees

In many workplaces across the country, managers feel pressured by company leaders to achieve specific goals or levels of productivity, and become focused on winning no matter what it takes, using motivation by fear to get their employees to work faster, harder and for longer hours. These tactics may work in the short term, but […]

HR Works: Strengthen Your Employer Brand by Offering Outplacement Services

Organizations are spending more and more time focusing on conveying their employer brand when recruiting candidates—generally, these efforts are intended to give potential candidates insights into company culture, as well as what they might expect in their day-to-day experience at the company. But one area that employers may overlook when crafting and projecting their brand […]


HR Works: Beyond Engagement—Create a Culture of Employee Activation

EPISODE 36 Retention, engagement, and branding—as the battle to find and keep top talent intensifies, this trio of topics continues to gain in importance for all HR managers. BLR recently completed a survey on these topics, which was sponsored by SilkRoad. To help us gain additional perspective we asked SilkRoad’s Mimi Jerkan to join us […]

HR Works: How Can HR Truly Impact The C-Suite? A Q&A with Dave Ulrich

EPISODE 35 HR execs are getting better and better at the basics of HR management and many have also improved at the strategic level. Dave Ulrich, the man some call the “father of modern HR,” joins us on HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources to discuss the roles and skills HR executives must assume […]

HR Works: A New ‘Employee Value Equation’ for Performance Management

EPISODE 34 Measuring current performance is no longer sufficient because performance ratings don’t often correlate with business performance, explains Kelli Hinshaw VP of Strategic Development at Cy Wakeman. In response, she and her colleagues have developed a new approach to performance management and measurement they call an “employee value equation.” Our first returning guest on […]


HR Works: Why Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Are More Critical Than Ever in 2017

EPISODE 33 Traditionally, workplace diversity dealt with race and ethnicity, and then gender—but now the term seems to encompass just about everything from generational differences to political ideologies to gender identity. We wanted an expert’s perspective on what diversity “looks like” in 2017 and its role in organizational success. In this episode of HR Works: […]


HR Works: How One Employer Transformed Its Culture and Stepped Up LGBT Support

In this episode of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, we’re joined by Karen Whalen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, of data management firm First Data, an organization that recently experienced a successful cultural transformation. Karen addresses what prompted the cultural transformation, what goals were set, communication strategy and metrics used to help gauge success. She also talks about First Data’s particularly increased support for LGBT workers as part of the organization’s cultural changes.


HR Works (E31): How Industry Hiring Data & Technology Are Transforming Recruiting

EPISODE 31 To get some hard data on today’s recruiting landscape and provide fresh insights on emerging trends in the U.S. labor market, we’ve sought the insights of talent acquisition expert Josh Wright, Chief Economist at iCIMS. In this episode of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, Josh provides an overview of the current […]

HR Works: 2017 Recruiting Trends—Social Media Tactics, Negotiation & ‘Thinking Locally’

EPISODE 30 Given the current talent economy, organizations are challenged to consistently attract and retain the right caliber of talent. BLR, with the kind sponsorship of SilkRoad, has just completed a survey about several interesting aspects of recruiting today. To help us interpret some of the survey data, we’ve asked Alexandra Levit to join us. […]

HR Works: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Employees Through Performance Coaching

EPISODE 29 There’s a sea change going on in the world of performance appraisals. Many organizations are moving away from the once-a-year-focus on past performance to a system with more frequent encounters, more focus on the future, and more time spent discussing employee development and opportunity–one that could be characterized as more of a performance […]