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HR Works Podcast: Recharge Your Performance Management with Future-Focused Reviews

EPISODE 23 Who thought that the performance management process would undergo a dramatic about face, but that’s what’s happening in many companies. They are abandoning the traditional approach towards performance reviews—look backward once a year—for a new one that emphasizes forward thinking, employee development, and frequent feedback. It sounds good, but is there evidence that […]

HR Works Podcast: Hire for Success Through Cultural Fit Interviews

EPISODE 21 Have you ever gone through the recruiting and interviewing process, finally decided on a candidate, and made what you thought would be a great hire, only to realize later that the person just didn’t fit? If you’re in HR, we’re guessing more than a few of you answered ‘yes’ to this question. To […]

HR Works Podcast: Revamp Your Onboarding Experience to Improve Retention and Productivity

EPISODE 19 Onboarding—a dull, boring day or two of introductions and filling out paperwork? It doesn’t have to be that way. In today’s workplace, onboarding (or orientation as we used to call it) goes a lot farther—done right, it brings big rewards in retention and productivity. As president of her talent management and leadership development […]

HR Works Podcast: Create Accountability in the Workplace to Drive Organizational Success

EPISODE 18 Everyone talks about accountability in the workplace, but few of us are confident that we have fully established accountability throughout our organizations. To help HR gain some concrete knowledge of personal accountability and why it’s an important element of a successful organization, we’ve asked Kelli Hinshaw to join us. Kelli is VP of […]

HR Works Podcast: How to Build and Protect Your Employment Brand

EPISODE 16 We’re hearing a lot about branding these days, what it is, how to develop it, and how to defend it. It seems that social media and online communications have made it both easier to develop a brand and easier to threaten it. To talk about employment brands and what companies can do to […]

HR Works Podcast: Simplify Your Workplace to Drive Innovation & Productivity

EPISODE 15 Is there anyone today who isn’t beleaguered by busywork—endless emails, reports, and meetings that soak up time you’d rather be spending on strategic imagination, creativity, or high-value work? In this episode of HR Works, Lisa Bodell, CEO of futurethink ( and author of the best-selling book Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start […]