LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ – Benecard Services, L.L.C. has launched a new three-month meditation program at no charge for its clients, their members, and benefit advisors to help address the effects of COVID-19.

In March alone, Benecard saw a 13% increase in claims for anti-anxiety medications and a 9% increase in claims for antidepressants. It is clear that the stress of current events is taking its toll, and people need support.

For years, Benecard employees have experienced the positive outcomes and health benefits of a daily mindfulness practice, which team members do from their offices and now homes. They receive daily guided instruction from Free Form Minds, a company focused on bringing the benefits of mindfulness to organizations. Benecard is now offering this same benefit to its members, clients, and brokers during this difficult time to help make a difference in their lives.

Benecard asked Free Form Minds to make available a three-month program of free daily practices available via the Free Form Minds app or website for 400 enrollees. Each day, participants will receive a short video introducing them to mindfulness and easing them into the habit of daily mindfulness meditation practice. The program then progresses to incorporate weekly themes, such as stress, focus, or gratitude. Participants will be guided through each meditation to help keep them in the moment and present in the practice.

“We are living in unprecedented times with heightened anxieties, fears, and frustrations,” says COO Kevin Kroll. “With the partnership and help of Free Form Minds, we hope this free service will alleviate some of the pressures on our members, clients, and brokers – both professionally and personally.”

In a world full of distractions, reactions, competing priorities, and stress, mindfulness is a practice that helps people observe rather than react. The practice involves bringing attention to the present moment, while noticing thoughts and feelings and the things happening around us in an accepting and non-judgmental way. According to various studies, mindfulness has proven benefits in reducing stress, anxiety, and rumination, plus increasing memory and focus. It has also been shown to reduce blood pressure, inflammation, and chronic pain.

“We believe that an organization’s greatest resource is the minds of the people in it,” says Free Form Minds founder Ben Karlin. “When employees can cultivate heightened present moment awareness, they can address challenges or opportunities without excessive stress or emotional turmoil. In times such as these, mindfulness can help us maintain a positive mindset and prevent burnout.”

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Free Form Minds is a Mindfulness-based business consultancy, with a mission to help organizations bring Mindfulness into their culture and practices in a meaningful and sustainable way. By working with clients to develop an intimate understanding of what makes their organization unique, Free Form Minds develops customized programs to help businesses, non-profits, and professionals of all kinds integrate Mindfulness into how they operate. For more information about the company, visit