FREE WEBINAR | The Art of Story Telling

The Psychology of Learning and How to Incorporate Memorable Vignettes into Training Content
When it comes to corporate training, effective story telling can be the most powerful tool for making your training stick by keeping your employees engaged and making the message resonate. If you want to see maximum value from your training initiatives, apply the psychology of storytelling. 
When the learner can relate to the characters or the situation in the story on an emotional level, they begin to visualize themselves as the characters overcoming difficulties or achieving a goal. The stories act as motivators and conduits to not only retention of the information but also application of the information.
This FREE webinar will arm you with practical strategies for honing in on your storytelling skills and applying them to your training programs so that you can ensure better engagement, compliance, and performance.
You’ll learn:

  • The psychology of learning and the scientific evidence supporting the theory that our brains craves stories
  • How stories can be used to help you achieve training goals
  • How to tell a story when you are not a storyteller
  • Weak training storylines that fall flat in creating an engaging learning experience
  • Examples of tales that do an exceptional job of tapping into emotion and, in turn, breed A-list training content
  • And more!

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